Double Obsession
Smooth Talker
The Kidnapping
El Aroma del Copal

Director: Eduardo Montes-Bradley
Cast: Margaux Hemengway, Frederick Forrest, Maryam D´Abo, Scott Valentine
Writer: R. J. Marx, Jeffrey Delman
Producers: Javier Gracia, Peter Garrity, Jay Davis, Eduardo Montes-Bardley
Exec. Producer: Javier Gracia
Genre: Thriller
The past can always come back to haunt you. The true story of a girl's obsession for her college roommate is dramatized in DOUBLE OBSESSION, an erotic suspense thriller. In the tradition of "Fatal Atraction" and Stephen King's "Misery", DOUBLE OBSESSION shows how a seemingly innocent relationship can lead to terror.
Claire (Maryam d'Abo) was a freshman in college when she met her roommate, Heather (Margaux Hemingway). Claire found Heather exciting, attractive, sophisticated. She helped Claire to mature and to widen her horizons. But the interest took on dimentions more than mere friendship. When Claire started to date her boyfriend, Steve (Scott Valentine), that friendship went awry. Heather's feeling changed to possessivness; she began to make outrageous demands, and her disruptive, violent acts terrorized Claire, making her life a nightmare.
Years later, married to Steve, with a family in an uppermiddle class suburb, she believed herself safe at last. But Heather had never forgotten Claire... continuing to enter her life in a most bizarre way: finding a young lookalike and attributing Clair's characteristics to her. The innocent girl becomes a doll-like figure at Heather's psychopathic mercy .
DOUBLE OBSESSION traces the story of Heather's twisted passion, her attempts to retain her imaginary ideal ... and terror that finally results from her desperate pursuit.
Status: Completed, Available all rights
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