Double Obsession
Smooth Talker
The Kidnapping
El Aroma del Copal

Director: Tom Milo
Cast: Joe Juzaldo, Stuart Whitman, Blair Weickgenant, Peter Crombie
Writer: Darrah Whitaker
Producers: Eduardo Montes-Bradley, Craig Shapiro
Exec. Producer: Javier Gracia
Genre: Thriller
The Women who work 976 numbers offer the men who call a world of erotic fantasy. But they never know who lurks on the other side of the line. When a series of murders strikes, targeting these woman of seduction, the Los Angeles Police Department begins to explore the smooth talkers who get their kicks from anonymous whispers to strange girls.
In charge of the L.A.P.D.'s investigation es Lieutenant Gallagher (Stuart Whitman), who always has the department's public relations foremost at heart. His emotional, explosive-tempered right-hand man is Carl Waters (Joey Guzaldo), who buckles against Gallagher's "by the book" commands. Carl is in the midst of his divorce with Lisa Charles (Blair Weickgenant), a young attorney working for the state prosecutor's office. Carl has become more and more frustrated with Gallagher's rigid methods of investigation, knowing he could solve things far more quickly if bureaucracy didn't get in the way. Making his task more difficult, Carl is stunned to find that his wife Lisa has been assigned to the same case. Despite their impending divorce proceeding, their paths will cross... and neither one of them is happy about it.
The prime suspect in the killing is William Jerinsky (Charlie Overton), who has retained the very best of legal counsel in the form of defense attorney Jack Perdue (Peter Crombie). As the courtroom drama unfolds, Lisa becomes charmed by Perdue, whose winning manner seduces her. Carl is furious as he finds himself loosing both, the case and his wife. Obsessed, on the edge, Carl's actions become more and more erratic. At last, his behaviour unchecked, Lt. Gallagher suspends him from the force.
As their relationship intensifies, defense attorney Perdue begins to reveal a suspicious side of himself. Perhaps his own involvement in the case is not so innocent. But while others may notice the warning signals, Lisa alone remains oblivious to the possibilities that he is a very dangerous man.
Suspect Jerinsky is framed on a marijuana charge by one of Carl's partners on the force, Detective Perry (Paul Raci). Jerinsky is brought into jail. Unable to withstand the pressure, he hangs himself in his cell. But even after his death, the murders continue. Now, Carl is convinced that his initial instincts were correct. The killer was not Jerinsky, but Perdue. The investigation continues, and Carl realizes that Lisa is in grave danger. He tracks the new suspect for the final confrontation.
Status: Completed, Available all Rights
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